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Who We Are


Hello, I'm Brittany.  A boy mama x 2, wife and entrepreneur.  I started B.Stamped® in late 2013 as a hobby, driven by passion and my journey into motherhood.  I made pieces for family and friends and before I knew it my hobby had turned into a full time business.  Before that I was a registered nurse but had always known I needed to stay home with my children.  I'm so grateful that B.Stamped® has allowed me to be a stay at home mom (most of the time) while giving me a creative outlet to fulfill my dreams.

I love creating these special pieces for others, whether it be a piece of mommy jewelry, a set of bride and groom wedding forks, or an inspirational wrap bracelet.  Each piece I make symbolizes a special event in another persons life from a birth, a marriage, a deployment or a tragedy.  It is through these pieces that I am able to connect with my customers and I am honored to help create jewelry with such meaning!

When i'm not working you can more than likely find me running after my two little boys.  We love being outdoors and spend most of our time hiking and camping.  We've been busy renovating our forever home on 13 acres.  We can't wait to finish up the outside with a huge garden and possibly some farm animals in the near future.

Enough about me, B.Stamped® is truly about you and your stories. I am blessed to be able to share my work with you, so please, get comfy and take a look around the shop!